Flash data recovery


When you have got important data on your flash drive or Memory card , and you cannot access your important files course by logical faults or hardware faults, we can help you. Recover data from faulty Flash Drive to external media or your computer or laptop.


Flash Drive data recovery


Service Description

Faulty Description

Recovery timeframe

Fix Price

Minor Logical Faults

System still able to detect USB flash drive, but Data inaccessible or Accidental format
Possible data successful recovery rate : over 90%

5-10 working days

1-3 working days


Hardware Faults

Impact damage, device appears dead, Electrical damage
Possible data successful recovery rate : over 90%



If we cannot perform data recovery, there is no charge at all. Once we recover your data, we will copy the files to a CD , DVD or HDD and let you examine/test the files to ensure you are happy with the result before you pay us.


Urgent service fee: $150 fee apply for priority service


All data recovery services whether they are hard drive repairs, file undeletes, finding lost data, is carried out on site at our offices (except when you are notified by us in an e-mail or by phone) to ensure that there will be minimal damaged to drives


The above costs are for single disk recoveries only. For Raid data recovery, please call us for a quote.
Strict privacy and confidentiality guaranteed.


If you do not want your faulty HDD, we can offer you a $40 discount. Once you get your saved data back, we will keep your old hard disk here as  spare parts. We can use it for other customers in future.