Spyware | Virus| Trojans | Removal Service


If your Computer | laptop | Notebook| Netbook facing any of these problems, there is a very good chance we can help you:

   * Annoying pop up messages
   * Fake alerts prompting you to buy anti-virus software
   * Homepage has changed to another website
   * Internet very slow or no access
   * Computer reboots by itself
   * Computer slows down | freezes or crashes
   * Windows does not start
   * Unusual error messages


We help you to remove spyware| virus | Trojans| infection  from your laptop for a low fixed price $ 129 


Services charge:


Service Description:


Spyware | Virus| Trojans| Removal Service
* Backup data
* Diagnose viral problems, eliminate infections
* Remove spyware | viruses | Trojans | and  pop – ups from your computer
* Update your existing internet | firewall | security installation



Normal turn over time: within 1 - 3 working days


* Price quotation include GST and labor + parts unless otherwise specified
* Fix price regardless any brand or model, we specialize provide service for Toshiba laptop, Sony laptop, HP laptop and Lenovo Laptop
* Fixed price is subject to inspection.
* On site services available for Melbourne Metro customers , standard rate ( $49 / half hour ) applied, minimal charge $98 per visite.
* Free return delivery services available upon request (Australia national wide)